Founded in 1983, Aquatec Industry Co., Ltd., the worldwide Aquatec evolved from a small family company began from manufacturing Buoyancy Compensator Device for its famous diving launch. In 1985, Frankie Chen, Chairman of Aquatec, received customer request of design Buoyancy Compensator Device from the customer’s request. Standing out and focus on strategic planning, innovation, compact design, easy operation, customer excellence, talent development, reasonable price, the easy to use, portfolio management, and operational excellence for good sales and reputation around the world till nowadays. He simply doing the right thing every day to put his life’s work in the long term.     

Aquatec is a leading global scuba diving equipment company and a major producer of diving tools.  After the above the depth field survey and evaluation throughout worldwide related exhibitions, local diving shops, and professional diving instructors, experienced divers.  We supply industries and consumers worldwide with innovative diving products and are passionate about developing sustainable answers for our customers.  Moreover, with the changing society of the water sports, he further confirmed the highly potential demand for diving industries is accurate.  Therefore, since 1995 Aquatec have developed series of professional diving equipment such as sub alert, under-water sub-alert, duo alert, sub horn, diving knives, regulators, instruments, power inflators, LED lights, LED torches, masks, snorkels, fins, and the latest Side Mount BCDs …etc., till now, people can find almost every diving equipment all over the world from us.

 From 1983 to today, Aquatec is one of the world’s leading scuba diving equipment companies. As a forward-looking global Scuba diving equipment company, besides standardization scuba diving equipment, plenty of our customers request for special functioning scuba diving equipment.  The fonder Mr. Frankie Chen went to Germany several times to discuss the conditions of environment with scuba divers, customers, and instructors by himself. Following our vision, Frankie Chen is contributing to the success of his customers around the world, and also as a trusted partner for more than 30 years.  He went to Germany, Unite State of America, Japan, Singapore, and China for the exhibition shows. He had a feeling that the scuba diving is getting world wide popular; thus, he cooperated with customer’s by their special demands, successfully create a lot of customized products.

AQUATEC (Duton Industry Co., Ltd.) History of years

1984 - AQUATEC (Duton Industry Co., Ltd.) was established.

1985 – Export to USA market.

1990 - Computer system into company.



1994 – Export to seriously quality Japan market.


1996 – Patent. Hose Clip.

1996 – Auto Cad computer design.

1997 – Patent. Power Inflator..

1998 – Website version I.

1999 – CE Certificate approval.

2000 – New factory building. (New Taipei City Industrial Park)

2001 – Pro-Engineer 3D design.

2001 – Patent. Air-3.

2002 – Patent. Power Inflator/Sub-Alert Device.

2003 – Patent. T-Rex Diving Knife.

2003 – Patent. Regulator Air Filter.

2004 – Patent. Duo-Vortex Fin.

2004 – Patent. LED Flash Light.

2005 – Patent. Raptor Diving Knife.

2006 – ­Patent. Tiger Dive Knife.

2006 – Patent. BCD Independent Back Pack.

2007 – Supply BCD to Germany Military.

2008 – Patent. Air Flow Wheel.

2009 – Patent. LED Flashlight.

2009  AQUATEC Brand.

2010 – Patent. Surface-U/W Alert.

2011 – Patent. LED Mini Mask Flashlight.

2011 – Patent. LED IC Sensor Switch Flashlight.

2012 – Patent. Stainless Steel Wreck Reel.

2013 – Website Version II.

2014 – Website Version III. (Chinese, France, Spain, German, Japan, Arabic, Persian)

2014 – Patent. LED IC Sensor Multi-Switch Flashlight.

2015 – Patent. Stainless Steel Galaxy Mini Knife.

2015 – TEC Dive Side Mount BCD.