ENOS Onboard

February 04, 2019
Your specialist for safety and rescue equipment. It is our mission to increase your safety on and in the water.
Seareq was founded in 2003 by Dipl.-Ing. Karl Hansmann founded. Since then, he and his team have been following the philosophy SAFETY FIRST without compromise!
It all started in diving, with the e lektronischen N otruf- and O rtungs system ENOS .
Since 2004, the worldwide unique GPS-supported rescue system reliably locates divers who have forgotten or were driven off by a current.
Never had the crews on ENOS boats looking for the missing and never have the aborted divers long waited for their rescue!
Each rescue operation was carried out on its own responsibility. Without support from the SAR (Search and Rescue) or Coast Guard and always free of charge, without fees and without a radio license .
Attention of sailors

It was not long before sailors, other boating enthusiasts, wind and kite surfers asked us about an independent rescue system that they could combine with their equipment and did not interfere with the Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS) .

2015, we have the M Toggle O comparable B oard- O perating- S ystem mobos brought to market - the world's first MOB system independent of SAR , MRCC operates and no additional technologies needed as marine radio and AIS !
Perfect for dockers, pilots, wind farms and platforms as well as all other professionals.
At the same time, MOBOS is the only rescue system worldwide for boating, wind and kite surfers that is also approved in inland waters!
Presentation at the IMO, a subsidiary of the UN
Our ENOS and MOBOS systems have been featured twice at the IMO , the International Maritime Organization , a subsidiary of the UN .  ⇒ T OP NEWS and  ⇒ NEWS / Seareq News
High-tech safety electronics and safety equipment for recreational divers
In addition to our electronic location systems, we also offer high quality equipment for water sports:


Your safety is our priority!
That's the energy that drives us forward.
MOBOS and ENOS in the lab
We are proud of our image of being a manufacturer of highly innovative products. Seareq keeps its high quality so reliably because Karl Hansmann personally knows each of his suppliers. He closely oversees the production of Seareq rescue systems, which are 100% Made in Germany .
Our vision became our passion
The inventor of the high-tech systems can not be impressed by fast-paced and economic trends. Instead, he sticks to the roots of the dive pioneer era: "Open to the new, develop the proven and never (!) Compromise on safety!"
Seareq is a member of the BVWW, Federal Association for Water Sports and